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Human Performance: Training the Mind and Body

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5 Reasons your Baseball Team is Full of “Dad Bods”

If there is one sport that totally encapsulates the “dad bod” phenomenon, it is baseball. It’s just one of those activities that doesn’t take tremendous fitness prowess to be great at. In fact, while it might seem like baseball players look fit (uniforms hide a lot), for the most part they are just skilled at […]


How to Successful Train Women: 5 Keys to Master

I caught myself thinking the other day, “Holy shit..I train a lot of girls.” I mean, I know I train mostly women, but there have been some critical things I’ve had to adjust in my coaching style, beliefs, and programming so that I was consistently cultivating success and results for these hardworking ladies. They deserve […]


Some Nights It’s Cold

  I put my head under that steaming hot shower head to give myself a small taste of what I don’t want to be. Slowly, I turn the knob all the way in the direction of the blue C at the bottom of the handle. I close my eyes and tell myself as the water […]

Eviscerating Fat

Intelligent Core Finishers (Part 2)

Intelligent Core Finishers (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series we covered some pretty important concepts when programming and executing ab exercises during your workout. I shared that I believe it’s very important that we train the core for health —> performance –> physique. Core training needs to address default movement patterns, postures, and weaknesses before you worry about […]


Intelligent Core Finishers (Part 1)

  There’s not a much more satisfying feeling in fitness than waking up with some nice sore abs from your workout the previous day. I’ll happily attest to that, as I’ve never been one to naturally have abs carved out of stone and a super low body fat percentage. <– (Beer and too much chipotle […]

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6 Weeks to Shredded 2.0

  After much debate, Chad and I have decided to re-open our 6 Weeks to Shredded program.  It’s not that we had any concern over whether or not our methodology worked because it did.  In fact, when we first devised the program I remarked to Chad that the science is too good to fail.  Obviously, […]


5 Things Everyone Wants From A Training Program

  As coaches, we can easily fall into a big trap. I’ve seen it before, and I have been guilty of it in the past, but no longer do I let myself fit into this category I’m about to tell you about. As for me, I’ve been a baseball coach, pitching instructor, and more recently, […]

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Guinea Pigs Got Shredded

It feels pretty good when people make you look smart. A few months ago, Chad and I released our program, “6 Weeks to Shredded,” and were in the search of guinea pigs to test out our methods. I unabashedly proclaimed that the science was too good to fail and seeing results was all but guaranteed. […]

Building Muscle

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6 Glute Exercises You Need To Try

  Unless you’re a genetic freak, building a respectable set of cheeks takes a bit of work and a bit of variability. No one really wants to hear this, but it’s the truth. You need to really come at your butt from all angles, all loading schemes, and all intensities if you want the best […]


How to Engineer the Perfect Batch of Chili to Build Muscle

    Engineering The Perfect Batch of Chili There are few meals that can compete with the delicious and nutritious powerhouse of a well constructed bowl of chili. When made correctly, this food concoction provides a plethora of health benefits including, but not limited to, increased muscle retention, testosterone production in men (especially when grass […]


Humbling Exercises for the Egotistical Lifter

    Are you that guy? You know, that person in your gym who thinks they know it all, or claims to be in elite shape? I think we all either know somebody like that, or have even been that person before. I know I have. It’s only human nature to want to be the […]

Aerobic Work for Strength Athletes by Pat Davidson

Note from Andrew: We are privileged again to have this guest post from the man, the myth, the legend Pat Davidson today.  For those of you who don’t know, Pat has a PhD in exercise physiology from Springfield College and is one of hell of a strongman competitor as well.  A badass combination if I may say […]